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smallsound/bigsound fuck overdrive


Krakken 1.2 - Atomo synth

Ooooops, poor Yamaha DX-7

Circuit Bent Speak and Math,”FREAKENSPEAK DRAGON”,Alien Robot sounds!


What are you doing at midnight:30? I just finished an Empire themed Serenity Reverb! #guitar #guitarpedals #guitareffects #guitargeek #knowyourtone #reverb #worship #serenityreverb #midnight30music #effectspedals #pedalpeople #geartalk #guitargear #gearhead #guitarjunkee

RC Circuit Bent  ‘APOTHECARY OF NOISE’ Demonic Drone Sound Box Synthesizer

Piece by


Circuit Bent Noise Machine

Steampunk optical theremin circuit bent noise machine synthesizer.

by dementia labs

Complete tutorial on how to circuit bend a Casio SK-1.
Only a few simple materials and minor Soldering skills are needed to create a truly unique instrument.

Circuit bent, rehoused toy piano


pink fuzz

but it’s a compressor



My ‘73 Twin Reverb. Blackface spec modified and fitted in custom finish head cab. Had good time with this head cab project. Fucking viva.


LoFi Future “GrooveBoy” Prototypes

The GrooveBoy classic and GrooveBoy XL about 90% complete in this picture.

Project groove boy is my attempt at bringing the game boy into the leagues of professional audio gear. Equipped with MIDI and analog/digital audio processing, these will fit into any studio like any other synthesizer.

Bare in mind, these are handmade prototypes, i am currently refining the enclosure design for GB Classic, It will be produced with 5mm Thick acrylic aluminum and hardwood.

I am planning to release the first small batch into the wild mid 2014.